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Introducing holistic, digitally integrated longevity solutions for wellness centers, luxury spas, and anti-aging clinics.

A New Horizon in Health and Longevity

Fine-Tuning Business Strategies for Success

Our business strategy is curated to address and enhance the unique requirements and operational frameworks for diverse partners. We prioritize three crucial elements: client ownership dynamics, branding collaboration, and service modality.

We cater to a spectrum of client ownership scenarios, accommodating those currently utilizing our digital xLongevity solutions and physical interventions (clients under xLongevity ownership). Additionally, we support clients affiliated with partner clinics/centers (clients owned by our partner clinic/center) who are eager to augment their wellness journey with our comprehensive year-round program.

  • Client Ownership Dynamics

    • Digitally Engaged Clients (clients owned by xLongevity)
    • Clinic Loyalists (clients owned by our partner clinic/center)
  • Service Modality

    • Tourism-Based Wellness
    • Local and Regular Interventions  
  • Branding Collaboration

    • Co-Branding Initiatives
    • Customized Solutions

Why become a part of xLongevity Centers?

Learn the advantages and opportunities within our xLongevity ecosystem.


Innovative treatments & interventions for your customers

We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of longevity science through our innovative treatments and interventions. By staying at the forefront of research, we guarantee your customers access to the most advanced therapies, delivering bespoke care tailored to their longevity goals.

  • Chemistry

    Access to groundbreaking treatments

  • circle

    Competitive edge

  • User favorite

    Customer satisfaction


Customer ownership & opportunities for growth

We believe in empowering our partners to build lasting relationships with their customers. By becoming a part of our network, you not only gain access to our cutting-edge treatments but also retain ownership of your customer base. This means you have the opportunity to cultivate long-term relationships, leading to increased customer retention and satisfaction.

  • like

    Customer loyalty

  • Currency

    Increased revenue opportunities

  • Favorite

    Personalized care


Simplify your operations with our advanced software

Simplify the management of your center with access to our software designed specifically for longevity centers. Our comprehensive software solution streamlines administrative tasks, enhances communication, and provides valuable insights to help you optimize operations and deliver exceptional care to your customers.

  • IBM power with vpc

    Streamlined operations

  • assistant

    Improved communication

  • knowledge studio

    Data-driven insights


Partnership Categories

Exclusive benefits tailored to your level of engagement and commitment to longevity.

  • Pro Partners
  • Affiliate Partners
  • xLongevity Pro Partners

    Most Suitable for:

    • Nutrition Professionals
    • Sports Professionals
    • Coaches
    • Personal Trainers
    • Physicians
    • Dermatologists
    • Diabetologists
    • Nephrologists
    • Expert Health Professionals


    • Access the xLongevity platform's partner services.
    • Unlock exclusive discount codes for your patients & clients.
    • Provide personalized coaching.
    • Access new clients and patients.
    • Generate new revenue streams.
    • Establish a recurring business.
    • Access educational resources.
    For partners
  • xLongevity Affiliate Partners

    Most Suitable for:

    • Gyms, Fitness clubs and Sports clubs
    • Anti-ageing and wellness clinics
    • Ayurveda & Naturopathy centers
    • Pharmacies and supplements hyperstores
    • Elderly care service providers
    • Stem cell banks


    • Access the xLongevity platform partner services.
    • Offer diversified and customized offerings for your clients.
    • Differentiate your business with value-added services such as coaching & testing.
    • Access new clients and patients.
    • Generate new revenue streams.
    • Establish a recurring business.
    • Access educational resources.
    Affiliate partners

Developed by industry experts

Pierre-Edouard Sottas

PhD, Chief Executive Officer

A 25y executive and serial entrepreneur with a diverse background in Life Sciences and Al, PhD Swiss Institute of Technology, father of the biological passport, with CEO & CSO positions in multiple biotechs, including 2 exits, showcasing his prowess in leveraging science for business success.
Guenole Addor

MD, Chief Medical Officer

Dr in Anesthesiology & Intensive care who transitioned from allopathic medicine to become a pioneer in Longevity medicine. Previous Head Physician of the renowned Swiss Nescens Clinique de Genolier. Expert in establishing advanced longevity clinics worldwide. Passionate about enhancing quality of life through science and personal experience.
Sunny Gambhir

Chief Technology & Experience Officer

With more than 25 years of experience in design and technology, coupled with a profound practice in wellbeing and longevity, his expertise extends to forging strong partnerships, clearly defining visions, and driving substantial growth, all while developing transformative products. His unique approach weaves together the principles of mindfulness with the dynamics of technology and design, fostering environments where innovation and sustainability converge.

Let’s Get Together & Inspire Lives

At xLongevity, we aim to empower people to live healthier and longer lives through the use of science-based solutions, longevity coaching from experts & cutting-edge testing. Partnering with us goes beyond a business alliance – it’s a commitment to making a lasting impact on as many lives as we can.

Join us in our mission now:

  1. Apply by using Partner Contact Form.
  2. A member of the xlongevity Partnership team will reach out to you to discuss mutual goals, expectations, and benefits.
  3. We sign off the agreement and start our partnership.

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